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About Anji


Whilst not having any formal training, I began drawing and painting from a very young age.  Like many people of my generation I was discouraged from pursuing a career in art so I put it to one side for some years.  When my children were young I made them papier-mâché piggy banks. This led to other people wanting them and thus my career in art began.  Large pots and bigger pieces followed which were sold in galleries all over the country.  Moving on to work free lance in the greeting card industry, my illustrative designs were also used on many other products which were sold all over the world.


Passionate about buildings and  influenced by an architect husband, I had always wanted to draw buildings of my own in a quirky style.  Using my experience in the greeting card industry, I began with the Pubs of Morpeth where I live and put them on cards.  New designs from all over the area developed and the bright, quirky designs became more well known.  The products and cards developed into bigger paintings and prints on which I now concentrate.


My recent works look at some of the less observed urban streets which exist alongside the more obvious and well known buildings.  Much of my work is made with gouache and pen and I am currently using more mixed media on canvas.


Apart from the buildings themselves, my inspiration comes from everything and everybody around me.  When I draw buildings I think about what might be going on in those buildings now, in the past and in the future.  Who lives there? What do they do? How do they live?