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We offer you two options for secure online payment: PayPal and Google Checkout. Both systems offer you the most up to date payment industry protection. We never see your Credit Card details as your transactions are handled by each companies own encrypted payment servers.

PayPal is the most preferred way to pay online in the UK bas it is safer and faster. PayPal stores and safeguards your card and bank details, enabling you to pay online without entering your sensitive financial information every time you shop. You speed through checkout in just a few clicks and PayPal takes the payment from your card or bank directly, so your payment details are never shared on the internet.

Why pay with PayPal?

  • It's safer: Shop at thousands of websites without sharing your financial details
  • It's faster: With no need to type in your card details, you can check out in a few clicks
  • It's easier: All you need is an email address and password to pay online

We strive to offer our customers the best selection of checkout options.

The Google Checkout service has many benefits:

  • It shows Google Checkout customers more relevant information in Google search results by displaying the Google Checkout badge on the sponsored links of merchants that offer Google Checkout.
  • In order to simplify the buying process, Google Checkout provides customers with a single checkout mechanism, so you don't have to share your credit card details with every store you purchase from.
  • A single login is all you need for use across multiple stores.
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